Sunday, October 3, 2010

FIAR and Lapbooking

I don't know how I did it, but I had forgotten how fun it is to homeschool little ones. Sarah Grace and Stephen and I have been having so much fun working on our Five-In-A-Row books and all the activities that go along with them. I have never considered myself one of "those" mamas that were artsy and especially creative, but this un-curriculum spells out everything I need to do. More than that we have even made some lapbooks!! I think I am the last homeschooling mother alive who hasn't attempted a lapbook with a 4-8 year old. I was so intimidated. I'm hooked!! These little projects go right along with our Charlotte Mason type learning atmosphere and the FIAR lessons.

Here is the last lapbook Sarah Grace made as we were reading the book Lentil each day for a week, as scheduled in FIAR. Stephen (4) made a separate book because he couldn't use the glue well enough to please Sarah Grace (almost 6) who does everything with girl-like precision. (Then Silas (2) got hold of Stephen's book and made short work of it, which of course upset me far worse than Stephen. But I digress...) Lapbooks truly are a great way to reinforce anything you teach a child, and 6 years old is just a perfect age to enjoy it :)

Lapbooking from Bambi Moore on Vimeo.

Sarah Grace also narrated the book Lentil and I wanted to share it here because it encourages her when she's been "published". Narrations are a retelling of a story or any information that the child must recall from memory. Narrations encourage listening skills, attentiveness (how closely do you listen when you know you'll have to recount what you've heard?) vocabulary and a host of other benefits. I'm going to type out her narration just as she dictated it to me, mistakes and all. And by all means, go read the precious little book Lentil by Robert McCloskey! When you're done your little ones might like to hear it too :)

In the town of Ohio there lived a boy named Lentil. Lentil had a happy life but except for one thing. He wanted to sing and he couldn’t even whistle because he couldn’t pucker his lips. It was most embarrassing because only strange sounds came out.

He used to play his harmonica all the way to school. Then he would stuff his harmonica into his pocket and take a shortcut down the alley so he wouldn’t be late for school. Lentil decided to be a expert and play wherever he could and whenever he could. His favorite place to practice was in the bathtub because there the sound was 100 percent.

The news got around that the great Colonel Carter was coming home. Then everybody started to plan a grand welcome. When Old Sneep heard the news he said, “Humph! We wuz boys together. He needs taking down a peg or two.” Sneep just kept on whittling, but the people kept on planning.

The brass band put on their new uniforms. The mayor prepared a speech. They decorated the streets with flags. The husbands and their housewives and the children--yes, the whole town came to the train station to welcome the great Colonel Carter.

Then there was a wet sound from above--SCHLUUURP!!! The band looked up and there sat Old Sneep sucking on a lemon. Old Sneep knew that when the band looked up their lips would pucker up! They could not play their band because their lips were all puckered up. The mayor gave the signal to play, but the band could not play because their lips were all puckered up.

As Colonel Carter stepped from his private car the only sound was Sneep’s lemon---SCHLIIISH!!! Of course, Lentil’s lips were not puckered up. He knew that something had to be done so he took out his harmonica and started to play, “She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes!!” When Lentil started to play the second chorus, Colonel Carter smiled. Then he let out a loud chuckle: “She’ll be driving six white horses when she comes, when she comes!”

Then the whole town began to sing and they marched down main street behind the Colonel’s car. Lentil rode with the Colonel Carter, which he took a turn with the harmonica, when Lentil’s wind began to give out.

The Colonel Carter gave a speech saying how happy he was to be home again. The commander-in-chief served ice-cream cones. When Colonel Carter said that he was going to build a new Alto hospital, everybody was happy. Even Old Sneep.

So, you never can tell what will happen when you learn to play the harmonica.


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  1. loved reading the story and watching the video. It was beautiful to hear her voice and see all her hard work. She's a keeper and you are too!


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