Tuesday, December 3, 2013

24 Bedtime Books in December: A New Tradition

Noel Piper said in her book, Treasuring God in Our Traditions:
"Both heirlooms and traditions strengthen our sense of history and belonging."
I do love the traditions that we share together in our family each year at this time, and I'll be sharing some of them over the course of this month.
Over the years, some of our traditions didn't stand the test of time for whatever reason and have therefore been tossed. Some however, have remained strong. And I'm always on the look-out for new ones as well.
 Some of our traditions are intended to keep our focus on Christ and some are simply an effort to tie heart strings with the children.  This little tradition is new to us, but I think it can do both.
Not only that, but it is simple and inexpensive.  Can I get an Amen? 
This is all you do:
  • Wrap up 24 Christmas books and put them under the tree.  (If you want to put them in a pretty Christmas basket with a Christmas blanket that would be lovely. Ours?  Pretty much thrown under the tree where we hope the toddler won't discover them.)
  • Each night let the children choose one book to unwrap and you read it to them before bed.
"Wait. You said this was cheap.  Last I heard, books cost money"

  • We have hoarded collected Christmas books that we box up and only get out once a year and will use those.  They don't have to be new books. It's alright if the children have already seen them--chances are they haven't seen them in a year at least. Don't have 24?  Borrow them from the library.  For one of our nights I also bought a few dollar store coloring books and wrapped them up together.
  • If you number your books from 1-24 you could throw in a holiday video for a family movie night too.


Traditions do not have to be elaborate, just something special that we repeat each year. Noel Piper defines traditions as "A planned habit with significance."
What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? 


  1. We are reading "Jotham's Journey" for the first time this year. It is a story for advent so there is a chapter for every night leading up to Christmas. I am hoping it is something we like and can continue from year to year. There are two other books in the series as well we can try them another year or just reread this one every year.

    1. We love Jotham's Journey, Aimee! We have read it every year, for years. We finally got the other one, Bartholamew's Passage and are starting that one today :)

  2. What a special idea! I'd love to see a list of your favorite Christmas books for littles :) I thought I saw a post like that recently, but couldn't find it. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Such a great idea! My family would love this!

    {I am several days behind in reading blogs, but I was catching up on your blog and the picture of your daughter with her hair up with the flexi is adorable!!!!! How did you do her hair?}

    As always, your blog is a blessing!


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