Thursday, December 5, 2013

Modesty is Always in Season

It seems like anytime there is a justifiable reason to bear more skin, women tend to gravitate that direction.

  • Going to the beach?

  • Working out at the gym?

  • Going to a wedding?

  • Headed to the rodeo? (I'm from Texas, don't forget)

  • Attending a formal or dressy event during the holidays?

All these seem to be places or scenarios that ladies want to dress more sexy. Seductive. 

More ooh-la-la.

But God's Word says:

likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, 1 Timothy 2:9a

And sometimes I just want to say, "I'm not sure if you know this or not, but your breasts are supposed to be inhabiting the inside of your shirt."

Just because it is __________ time of year or ______ place does not invalidate the instruction to Christian women to keep private parts concealed.

Oh, I know accidents happen.  Just last week I was the one who scandalized the maternity waiting room, remember?  But I'm referring to the heart status each of us holds when it comes to our ideas of what is beautiful, as well as who we are trying to please--the Lord Jesus, or ourselves/others. This is why many people don't even want to talk about modesty. (Read: Modest Dress: What It Is and Seven Reasons We Don't Want to Talk About It or check out my ebook:

 More Than Rules: Exploring the Heart of Beauty and Modesty.

So today I was invited to participate in this Style for the Season blog hop, where several Christian moms of varying ages and stages, got together to show some outfits they would wear this time of year, to various places.  I'm playing the part of the middle-aged pregnant woman.

I received this skirt from Deborah & Co., a clothing company specializing in modest fashion, even in maternity wear.  This is the Ruched Maternity Skirt in burgundy. I got to choose the exact length I wanted too which was nice since I'm tall.  The stitching is impeccable and the maternity panel is a soft cotton, not that scratchy nylon I was expecting. If you want to place an order from Deborah & Co., they are offering 10% off right now. Just use the sale code: stylefortheseason. I have ordered from them before and have never been disappointed.
The layered tops are thrift store finds. The black sweater is Motherhood brand and very versatile. And black is always more "dressy," right?

Next I'm supposed to tell you about my accessories.  Trouble with that is I don't own many accessories. I don't have a problem with jewelry, just don't own much outside of my wedding ring and the gen-YOO-ine cubic zirconia earrings I'm sporting in these photos.  I do wear flexi clips though (cough). See?
Someone needs to convince me I should wear a scarf.  I just know I would feel awkward and uncomfortable with something wrapped around my neck.  I think they look great on everyone else though. Besides, what color would I wear?  What if I tie it wrong? What if...what children choke me with it?
 I don't think it's worth the risk. My neck is doomed to be unadorned. Exposed. Scarf-less.
I'm wearing Anne Klein boots, but the skirt also looks cute with a more casual slide-on black shoe. The belly is size 26 weeks ;)

Now, hop on over and visit these other ladies for more modest fashion inspiration.  I bet some of them have scarves on.





  1. Very pretty, Bambi! Those colors look lovely with your blonde hair!

  2. Well said & Amen!!

    Love the outfit, you look so lovely & feminine Bambi.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and yours.

  3. You look very pretty. Love that bump!

  4. Cute outfit! And such excitement with the preparation and looking forward to a new baby!

    Your hair is so pretty. I love my flexis too!

    I think scarves are cute, but I'm picky about the ones I like to wear. I have ruffled ones that my sister makes and I love them. They're not too bulky and I love the look of them.

  5. Thanks friends. I really do not like having someone take photos of me. Y'all are kind :)

  6. You look BEAUTIFUL, as always, Bambi! Love your post, your pics, and your Baby Bump! You are a stunning pregnant lady! (Even without a scarf!) ;)

  7. Tee hee... your thoughts on scarves make me giggle. I'm sure you'd look lovely in one!
    And this... "And sometimes I just want to say, 'I'm not sure if you know this or not, but your breasts are supposed to be inhabiting the inside of your shirt.' " LOL! But God have mercy... that was me once upon a time! I'm thankful for His patient instruction.
    You look fantastic at 26 weeks!

  8. As usual, you made me laugh, Bambi! You look beautiful, and I love that skirt! :)

  9. You look beautiful,as always!! Very feminine and classy. And I love your baby that okay? :)

  10. You always look like you are 20 years old in your photos. The burgundy skirt looks beautiful on you and I'm thankful there was nothing "scandalous" in this post ;). You are truly glowing and an adorable pregnant Mama. Love you xo

  11. Thanks for the laugh! I'm with you on the accessories and scarf. I gave up trying to remember to put earrings on about13 years ago after baby #2. Now I have 8. I just consider it safer not to wear jewelry! I've heard horror stories about mom's ears getting ripped from baby pulling earrings! Youch.

  12. Love the outfit! You look very lovely! :)

  13. I love how real you are! I've been reading and promoting your blog for a long time, and I've gained so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life to encourage others!


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