Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When Your Bank Balance is Small

What is in our children's' memory banks is far more important than what we have in the bank.
Investing in their memory banks may well require sacrifice, including a sparse bank account that leaves more room for beans and potatoes than it does lobster and steak.
Worth it.
Even on the hard days--still worth it.
Can a price tag be put on the memories made?  Can we measure the blessings God has given us when He lets us bear children and guide the house?
Can fancy vacations and designer clothes and a magnificent home hold a candle to the joy of investing in the eternal?
To be the one that sees the light in a child's eyes when he first learns to read?  Or to welcome home the cold, tired husband to a warm, fragrant place of rest? To share laughter around a family supper-table, be it a dinner of dry morsels rather than a lavish feast.
Oh what blessings God has given us!

The earthly sacrifices cannot compare to the beauty of having mama in the home, making a home.
Even if our bank accounts be small, let us thank the Lord for His bountiful grace in allowing us this time at home with our children, serving them as teachers, nurses and home-builders, and making deposits each day into their memory banks. I wouldn't trade it for diamonds, gold or any earthly riches, would you?


  1. Thank you so much for this Bambi! Your first post in the "Homeschooling Shouldn't Be Stressful" series has also been a blessing to me recently <3

  2. Nope, I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars!
    Being a wife to my hard working husband, mama to my eleven beautiful children and keeper of my home is priceless.

    Janet... mamachildress

  3. Wonderful post! This has been the view my hubby and I have had since we were married 30 years ago! Sad to say as a young bride and then a new momma I had no support from the in-love side and I was 700 miles from home. Wife, mother to 14, and keeper of the home from home is worth more than a big fat bank account!

  4. I needed to hear this. I've been going through some hardships right now but so grateful that I get to be at home with my two kids (and baby in my tummy):)

  5. Hubby and I chose before we ever had a child for me to be at home with our children. 10 children later, a hard working man who makes many sacrifices, and happy children have made it not only possible, but joyful!! My husband has had co-workers who have asked him WHY?? Why he doesn't want a new truck, a new boat, a new whatever...and he has always said, "But I have everything I want in life!! I'm the richest man in the world!!"

    We are hoping to begin building our dream house in the spring of 2014, as we have raised our 10 kids in a double wide mobile home for nearly 20 yrs now. But if that doesn't happen, all will still be WELL. Because we are together, we love each other, and we are committed to each other for LIFE. And eternity!!
    And a bonus...with so many kids, the stack under the tree is HUGE, even if each kid only has 2-3 things under there. LOLOL!!!

    1. Good for you Dawn to be content! It's neat to hear that from other large family Mama's. :)
      I hope and pray you get your dream home built!

      Janet.... mamachildress


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