Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lady-in-Waiting {Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks}


Today marks 40 weeks and our little girl is still not here.  I've never carried a baby this long before.  My younger sister, whose due date is two weeks behind mine, may just deliver before me.

I did make some significant progress since my last update, after taking the Labor Prep. In four days I went from zero dilation and almost zero effacement, to 2 centimeters and 70%.

I'm also making myself stay active, doing a lot of walking as well as all the other herbs and "tricks" that should start labor if my body was ready.

But I'm still waiting.

And I would be lying if I said every moment was a cake walk.

One moment I am so irritable I have to go collect my thoughts somewhere alone.  The next moment I want all eight of my children to sit on my lap (teenagers don't really go for that).  One minute I have no appetite and I'm nauseated.  The next minute I want Kevin to bring me home a hot fudge sundae.  One minute I'm completely fine with the ten of us sharing unfinished bathrooms and the next minute I am simmering on the evil of toothpaste and wondering why we can't all just gargle some mouthwash for crying out loud.

And yet I'm very thankful.  Thankful for the opportunity to carry new life.  Thankful for such supportive family, loving friends and that my mom made it back to the states to be with my sister and I.  Thankful that we got in the house before the baby was born and thankful that my health has been outstanding, almost the entire time. Thankful for a husband that bears with me so gently through it all.

And there are many times the Lord sanctifies us through waiting, aren't there? We spend lots of time waiting for something or other, spending seasons in that place where time just seems to stand still and you long for something, anything, to happen so that life can carry on.

Many of you may be in a place of waiting too.  Waiting on your husband to find a job, or waiting on the Lord to bring you a husband, or waiting on a place to live.  You may be waiting on the results of a medical test or waiting on the Lord to move on your husband's heart to draw him to Himself and save his soul.

We can easily become impatient, fidgety, discouraged, fearful and even angry when we are waiting.  But I want to wait well, don't you? I'm not doing it perfectly, or even close to perfect. Like I said, I have some moments. But I love this verse:

wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
    and in his word I hope;
my soul waits for the Lord
    more than watchmen for the morning,
    more than watchmen for the morning.
Psalm 130: 5,6
I love that "waiting" and "hoping" are there together.  Waiting and hoping in his word.  Waiting means we are expecting something.  We are anticipating something great. But without the hope we won't least not without a whole lot of anxiety and fear.
Waiting well rests on the foundation that we know God, we understand His sovereignty, we trust His promises.
And just as the watchmen are waiting for the morning, knowing that the sun will rise without fail, we can trust that our human needs will be met in His time and in His way.
“And now, O Lord, for what do I wait?
    My hope is in you."

Psalm 39:7

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  1. I've been thinking of you, Bambi! I've missed getting to chat with you on Facebook (since I deactivated my account a couple months ago). :(

    I know how hard it can be to wait! My babies were all born after their "due date," and one pregnancy lasted 42 weeks (that was hard, in the hottest part of the summer, too)! Anyway, praying for you and your little one (and missing you)!

    ♥ Joy

    1. Thank you, Joy! I've missed you too! I deactivated my FB also :) Thanks for sharing your long pregnancy experience--I'm so glad it's not summer, lol!

    2. You deactivated your FB, too?! You go, girl! I haven't really missed it, but sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on what's going on with friends. But having the extra time is so worth it to me right now! xoxo

    3. Joy--I do miss it at times, but not enough to go back yet ;). I kept my business pages, but the personal one was what I couldn't do--just no time for it right now.

  2. Our newest blessing is a week old today. He was born at 41weeks 2 days. I teared up reading your post. It is so hard to wait. Know that there are families praying for you. We will all rejoice with you when this labor comes and you welcome this new life into your family. Praying that all fear and doubt will be replaced with peace and calm knowing the Lord is with you.

  3. We're very excited for you!! Baby will be here so very soon!!! :)

  4. I went a week over when I was waiting for Jack to be born. I could really identify with this post! I really love all of your posts.

    I'm excited for you to have that baby!!

  5. Hi Bambi, loved your post and am looking forward to meeting your little one soon! I've been following your blog, but only commented a couple of times. I've shared about my miscarriage last summer and the waiting and longing for another baby. I would find myself wondering often why? And when? Lord will you answer our prayers? Finally, when I quit obsessing, started thanking God for the beautiful children we already had, and just decided He would move in His time things started changing. I'm now 12 weeks along! Everything seems to be going well, and the Dr. heard a strong heartbeat earlier than she expected!
    And speaking of Facebook, the Lord had been dealing with me to delete for awhile. Of course, in my thinking I had every reason to keep it. On September 22(crazy how I can remember that date!), as we were heading out to church, I deleted and have been so relieved. I've not even missed it, although now that we're expecting I want to share with the world! I keep reminding myself though, that I didn't have it with my other children and survived. Ironically, now our baby is due around that exact time this year!
    Blessings to you and yours, and thanks again for all the encouragement through your blog :)

  6. It sounds like you're making great progress and your little girlie will arrive any day! I look forward to hearing your birth story and seeing pictures of your new little blessing. :)

    (Yay on the FB! :) )


  7. Praying and thinking of you in these last days .... The big day will be here soon! Yippee!

  8. Bambi,

    I am still reading (and not commenting much) on my phone. But oh, how I miss dialoguing with you through blogging, and forget about emailing!! You have been on my heart and mind so much these past few weeks and I am praying for you.

    And YES on waiting. Someone told me not too long ago that most of life is waiting, and I really think that is true. Even now, we should be in a NOT-waiting place, and I find myself foolishly looking for something to ponder over "when when when and what if": will the Lord give us more children? when? when will we begin to think about buying our own home? what's NEXT??? I am just a fearful little Israelite wanderer in the wilderness, and of course I will always feel a little restless here because this is not our Home, but God is refining me and I am constantly pressing forward, and pursuing peace along each step of the way: trusting and resting in His Hands, rather than my circumstances or surroundings.

    So I'm praying for you that same peace as He is refining you, too, in this waiting place. And for sweet baby girl, and all those precious gifts settling down into a new home.

  9. I thought i have a quick look on your blog. No girl yet.
    But it will be there soon and we will pray for you.
    You know, sometimes it is so hard to trust in the Lord. We have really bad income with all the stress. And i know better, but...
    About eating or not eating that sounds familiar.
    I was gestational diabetic and on strong diet. One moment i told them: I really want to sin(o,o) and eat a big burger with all stuf on it.
    By the time everything was ready to eat i thought: what did i ask for?? I ate it but didnt have much appetite anymore.
    Weird thing.
    Bless you!!

  10. Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. Ps. 27:14
    May the Lord give you the strength and wisdom you need through this time. And thank you for sharing your life with us and exhorting the younger women to obey the Word of God. Your posts are always a blessing to me.

  11. Waiting, waiting.... Guess we're all waiting for something quite often! Oh, that the fruit of the Spirit would be alive in my life.
    Thanks for the reminder to wait patiently on the Lord, for it is He who gives good gifts in His timing.
    Praying for you!


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