Hello and welcome to In the Nursery of the Nation. I'm Bambi, a redeemed sinner by the grace of God, a thankful and undeserving wife to my husband Kevin (a pastor), and mom to nine children, ages 19 to infant.

We are thankful and proud Texans who love our coffee strong and our tea iced and sweet. We also love good books, the great outdoors and delight in the many children God has sent to us. My desire is to love my husband, children and home well, doing good works... from the inside out. 
Our home is loud, rowdy and full of joyful chaos! Between homeschooling and a couple of home businesses, a few dairy goats and lots of laughter, how could it be anything else? We like it that way. We thank the Lord for his goodness to us.

Our family is reformed in doctrine and Baptist in practice. We hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith

Because I have five daughters, I wrote an ebook dedicated to them called More Than Rules: Exploring the Heart of Beauty and Modesty.  The Lord granted more success there than I ever anticipated and More Than Rules was #1 in Hot New Releases for Kindle books on Amazon, and has sold over one thousand copies.

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  1. LOL!!! Have I EVER told you how much I ADORE you? (Your readers are going to think I'm a stalker.) I can't wait to read your links for the week end. I'm not a blog hopper, but you always have the juiciest links...I can't resist. "Laughs, Links and Boogers in the Nursery" BAA HAA!

  2. Bambi, you make me laugh. Hard! Love you, Jill

  3. Bambi, you crack me up!
    Seriously... can I ask you about your hair? Every time I've seen you it's, like, perfect! Do you do it yourself? How do you get it so pretty? :-)

  4. Janet, You are very kind but I seem to remember that you are also quite visually impaired ;) Whoever is available "does" my hair, whether it be a professional, or in leaner months, myself, my daughter...my husband?! Yes, it did happen...ONCE :)

  5. Oh my...it's #6 that got me! I'm still laughing, yet am embarrassed that I know what one is, and that we too... well, nevermind. Guess I'm not as brave as you ;)

  6. Love your 'facts.' Stumbled upon your blog and an already enjoying it.


  7. Hello and Bless you my dear. I love that you tell it like it is. My booger wall was in the downstairs bathroom.LOL. My sister lives in Hurst.We live in Canada. I am so happy to have found your blog. I wish you and your family a blessed and Happy New Year.

  8. Hi, I came over from Pinterest after looking for your soap bars. I wanted to compliment you on your Banner. It came together very well. Sometimes I make my banners and sometimes I just get free ones but isn't always easy to make it look good.

  9. Just tripped a crossed your blog today. We have a lot in common!!! Right now have 7 children (expecting our 8th in December) Shhh! Still a secret. :) We also have alot of other things in common. I'm visiting from www.aheartforthehome.com Blessings to you and your family!!!

  10. Hi Bambi... im a mother of five all under the age of six.... i was very thankful to recieve your advice from a wise woman builds her house.... sometimes life can be very ....ummm... beautifully difficult.... i am encouraged by your joy and would like to re-visit soon....

  11. Love your about page! :) Found you via A Wise Woman Builds her Home... Thank you for your blog and your conviction to honour Christ in all things. You've been a blessing to me as I read here tonight.

  12. I'm with you all the way with #7! My husband will teasingly linger on his program just to see me start to twitch and get annoyed instantly. He thinks it's funny.


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