Howdy! Welcome to In the Nursery of the Nation. My name is Bambi (yes, it is my real name :))  I am the mom to all those children you see above, plus two more. That makes us a family of twelve. Six daughters, four sons, ages 20 to infant.
Oh look, there they are.
I have been married to my husband Kevin for over 21 years. The patience of this man knows no limits. We were high school sweethearts back in the day when big hair and Boyz to Men songs reigned supreme.  Kevin has been pastoring churches for thirteen of our years together as husband and wife.  We are humbled to serve the Lord in such a capacity. (Our family is reformed in doctrine and Baptist in practice. We hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.)
I am a very part-time writer.  I quit blogging a couple years ago, but I love to share my heart with Christian women about Biblical Womanhood, as time allows. I also have a small home business. Most importantly, I am a redeemed sinner, by the grace of God, through the blood of Jesus. I didn't find the Lord, he found me.  I didn't choose him, he chose me.  I didn't love him, he loved me first.  His mercy astounds me.

What else? I love good books, especially ones by dead people. I am also a fan of good coffee, date night, old hymns, thrift stores, the occasional lunch with a girlfriend and Twix candy bars. I delight in the many children God has sent to Kevin and I to train up in His fear and admonition. My desire is to love my husband, children and home well, doing good works from the inside out.
Our home is often loud, rowdy and joyfully chaotic.  Between ministry in our church and community, homeschooling, a couple of home businesses, a few dairy goats and lots of little people, how could it be anything else? We praise the Lord for his steadfast love and faithfulness to us. We are trophies of his grace. We would be nothing but for his love.

Because I have six daughters, I wrote an ebook dedicated to them called More Than Rules: Exploring the Heart of Beauty and Modesty.  The Lord granted more success there than I ever anticipated and More Than Rules was #1 in Hot New Releases for Kindle books on Amazon the week it was released. 

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  1. Hi Bambi - was just thinking since my youngest is coming up on his first birthday in a few days, it reminded me of your little Selah, who was born just a few days before my Nahum, so she probably just celebrated her first birthday. They are such blessings (even during teething!). Couldn't find a way to privately send you a message, but thought you might enjoy some of the writings found at this site www.truthsforourday.com, should you ever have a minute to browse it. I very much enjoy the Scriptural posts you share; God help you to keep encouraging us in His Word!

    1. Priscilla, That is so sweet of you to remember. I was getting more email than I could answer so I took my contact info off here for awhile. I need to put it back! Happy Birthday to your sweet one as well. Selah will be a year old next week--she's such a joy! I will check out the website you recommended. Thanks so much for this hello :)

  2. "I love good books, especially ones by dead people, and I find it interesting that God would give me a deep interest in theology after I had so many children :) I am also a fan of good coffee, date night, old hymns, thrift stores, the occasional lunch with a girlfriend and Twix candy bars."

    You just described me! lol Well, except for the Twix...my candy of choice is a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. :) Blessings!

  3. Hi Bambi,
    I wanted a private place (obviously not fb or a blogpost) to leave you a message and this looks like maybe the best spot. :-) It's ok if it takes you months to find it. I get that! We are the Campbell family and our website is givemeyourheart.org if you want to check us out to make sure we're legit. Gotta love anonymous crazy Internet people. Not. Your Titus 2 ministry thru blogging has meant so much to our family. We want to say thank you by sending your little girly-poos a scripture song cd but need an email addy or po box. I didn't want to ask in a public way because we're not trying to get others' attention...just really want to say thank you for meaning so much to our family. We appreciate you. 😊


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