The Best Sleigh rides in Wyoming are designed to take you out into the wild where you can experience, first hand, the West as it has always been and at least some of the wildlife that still grace this part of our nation. The combination of natural and animal beauty capped off by an extensive background of shimmering white snow is a sight and an experience you aren’t likely to forget. There is so much to see in Wyoming and the chilled air and snow white terrain bring it all into sharp relieve when you set out on one of these best sleigh rides in Wyoming.
Spring Creek Ranch. A great place to catch up with an opportunity for a truly remarkable sleigh ride is via Spring Creek Ranch which is actually located on sanctuary grounds near the town of Jackson Hole. By making reservations in advance, you can set out from December – April on the sleigh ride of a lifetime. Set your sites clearly though because at Spring Creek Ranch there are lots of winter activities that can lure you away from your sleigh ride option.

At Spring Creek Ranch you can try your skill at downhill skiing, skating, cross country skiing even dog sledding if you like. But whatever else you may get drawn into don’t forget to sign up for a sleigh ride. Getting on board a sleigh at Spring Creek Ranch is the first step to a real adventure. Wrapped up in the warmth of a heavy lap blanket you can find yourself amidst the real, honest to goodness, wild elk at Jackson Hole’s National Elk Sanctuary. But if that much wildlife is too much wildlife or too much, too close, there are other options. There is a ride along a nearby butte that offers you a spectacular view of the twinkling lights of Jackson, Wyoming in the distance that can be followed up by diner at the popular Granary restaurant.

It’s important to make your arrangements prior to your arrival by calling 800-443-6139.

Spring Creek Ranch

Daytime Rides At Jackson Hole . For families who want to see the National Elk Sanctuary from the inside of a cozy sled,up close and personal there is a daytime option that should meet your needs. Just north of the town of Jackson, Wyoming you will find the National Museum of Wildlife Art and there you can purchase tickets for a sleigh ride out to meet the National Elk Refuge. It still is a once in a lifetime experience and something that is a great family bonding activity. It amazes people of all ages when they find themselves near the movements of literally thousands of Elk in a majestic, snowy setting. And watching them from the comfy warmth of a horse drawn sleigh is just what you want to do.

Tickets are purchased at the museum and then riders are taken by shuttle bus to the sleigh departure area. The ride itself lasts about one hour, never long enough. No reservations are taken and rides are on a strictly first come first served basis. All riders are reminded to come dressed for very cold weather .

Snowy Mountain Not all the best sleigh rides in Wyoming are located in or around Jackson Hole. For example you might want to spend some time investigating the beauty of Snowy Mountain about 40 miles west of Laramie in Centennial, Wyoming. Snowy Mountain Lodge and Retreat center offers cabins and lots of winter adventure.

If its a sleigh ride you are looking for to complete your winter fun out west, then Snowy Mountain has a lovely option. For just $25 per person with children under 6 riding for free, you can sit back and let the beauty of the land as you glide along behind some very powerful horses who seem bent on showing you the best of the West. Snowy Mountain uses excellent three seater sleds that allow for families or small groups, but if you are in a romantic frame of mind you can also arrange for a private ride just for you and your special someone.

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Spotted Horse Ranch. During the milder weather Spotted Horse Ranch, in Jackson, Wyoming is open to those who wish to experience the exciting life of a cowboy in the wild west. Guests here enjoy exploring their surroundings, riding horseback, fishing, hunting and enjoying a very different lifestyle. But during the winter the ranch often closes for overnight stays but remains up and running when it comes to providing a great sleigh ride and dinner experience.for winter visitors to the Jackson, Wyoming area. This means that you can bunk in elsewhere but step out for a great sleigh ride adventure at Spotted Horse Ranch.

The spotted Horse Sleigh Ride will help you to explore the beauty of Wyoming’s Hoback River and surrounding country side. Rides are made even more special when guests can polish off the event with a wonderfully hearty, cowboy worthy , meal provided by Spotted Horse Ranch. For more information call 800-528-2804

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