Working from home is extremely convenient for many entrepreneurs just starting a business. However, there are many issues that may arise from working at home. Being able to identify when you should branch out of your home office and start fresh in a new location is sometimes not easy to do. If you can identify with any of the following situations below, then maybe you should consider flying out of your home office nest and into the outside world.
The temptation to stray away from work duties happens repeatedly. Making the decision to stay on track with your responsibilities should be a major priority but sometimes we succumb to the temptation. Working from home means instant access to your favorite television shows. You do not have to travel five or ten miles in order to go home and watch your shows because you are already there. Fighting the urge to make fifty trips to the refrigerator, so that you can enjoy your favorite ice cream treat can sometimes be irresistible. Despite having access to all your favorite and comfortable things, stay firm and stick to your blossoming work tasks.

Work from Home

  1. Constant Interruptions. Although you are actually doing work while you are at home, sometimes your family won’t get the message. Being able to separate your work space from your family space can prove to be a very challenging role. There will be occasions when your family dismiss the idea that you are working instead of just lounging around the house. Having repeated interruptions is a definite sign that you need your own private space outside of your home environment. In order to be more productive in your work duties, sacrificing the luxury of being at home may prove to be inevitable.
  2. Booming Business. This could be a problem that most of us wish we had. Having an abundance of work and customers with larger projects may cause you to outgrow your home space. More work means more equipment and supplies. Moving to an office outside the home might be more beneficial because you can have a larger space for storage. You also may be required to hire more people to keep your business running successfully. Having multiple employees working out of your home space would be too cramped. Renting office space would be a lot cheaper than renovating your home to add more working space.
  3. No one is here. Despite the fact you may cherish the idea of being totally alone in your work environment, sometimes it can be extremely lonely. Some of us function better with other work associates in our immediate area. Having others around us constantly can keep us feeling motivated. If you consider yourself to be a “people person” , then you may feel more productive working outside of your home instead of in it. Being totally alone all the time while working can be very distractive sometimes. Click here to form a new company!

Weigh the pros and cons of working inside your home to working outside your home. Making a list of what you have to gain or lose by working from a rented space outside your home can help guide you in the right direction. Not having to worry about morning traffic commutes and being available for your family immediately if there is an emergency can be hard to resist. Once you have organized your thoughts accordingly then you will be able to make the best decision for you and your business.